SWC of SR 15A and US 17N in Volusia County in the City of Deland, FL

SWC of SR 15A and US 17N in Volusia County in the City of Deland, FL

Zoning: B3 in the Volusia County jurisdiction.
Building Square Ft: 103,795 Sq. Ft.
Lot Square Ft: 23.33 Acres
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LAND USE: Commercial

UTILITIES: Provided by the City of Deland, FL.

TRAFFIC: US 17N (Station #476) 2011 AADT 16,400; Max Capacity 61,800

COUNTS: SR 15A (Station #466) 2011 AADT 10,300; Max Capacity 35,000

POPULATION: 14,248 in a 3 Mile Radius (2012 Estimate based on 2000 Census) 38,838 in a 5 Mile Radius (2012 Estimate based on 2000 Census)

MEDIAN INCOME: $29,901.00 in a 3 Mile Radius $34,269.00 in a 5 Mile Radius

Area Information:

-With the newly revitalized residential real estate market both Volusia County and the City of Deland are once again gaining traction as extremely attractive, due to affordability and quality of life, for many of the Central Florida metropolitan areas including Orlando.

-Located at the strategic intersection of, recently widened to four (4) lane, SR 15A and US17 N this property affords retailers a high visibility location with an ability to draw from an expanded trade area including the under serviced trade area north of the Subject Property to the Putnam County line .This is an area referred to by Volusia County as the Northwest Planning District.

– Stetson University is approximately 4 miles south of the site on US17/92. Stetson has recently announced that the university will field an NCAA football team in the2013 season. This undertaking bodes well for the university and the City and is sure to enhance the area’s appeal to residents and businesses.

– Deland Municipal Airport is less than 1 mile south of the site on US 17/92.